A Short LGBTIQ Story: Fighting The Fears Within – Episode 1

The fears within

I’m Andrews, Felicia Andrews. I’m a 29 years old famous business woman. Yes, I’m a full blooded Nigerian. Been 8 years I left the tertiary institution,it hasn’t been easy these few years but I have been able to succumb to all the nonsense that this society has given me. Not that am being boastful but I have accomplished what most of my mates won’t dream of at this age. Well enough of the speeches, I work with different organisations as a data analyst and now I run my own personal NGO which helps children and youths in achieving their dreams through music and dance…..

The problem is I have a secret which I have kept to myself for a long time which has been killing me slowly…..

Anyways , just came back from my little trip down at the Lagos branch of my NGO. I’m based in Port Harcourt and yes, I have various branches, thanks to my lovely twin sister who helped me. Well, she’s based in Denmark now and she comes once in a while. Unfortunately we don’t look alike. She is so lucky, no family member calls her or visits just to talk about settling down and all that nonsense about having kids. You may ask why not settle over with your sis? Why stay here in this country with this crazy family of mine? The truth is I love this country from the moon and back! I could die for this country. Why leave what you love?

My sis was angry with me when I made the decision to stay some years after we both graduated. She didn’t speak to me for months…haha. Ohh memories…

Then a knock on my door interrupted my thoughts. Been on my bed all day,had a stressful week and I told my guards not to let anyone in today. At least, i had my bath and was just in my indoor clothes.

I walked sluggishly from my room down to the living room to find out the person knocking.

“Please be patient, I will attend to you shortly” I said with the little energy i had.

‘Felicia,please open the door. I’m truly sorry. Allow me explain things’..I heard the voice from the door say.

Strange this sounds like my Ex who I haven’t heard from in months.

” Who are you?” i asked to be sure as I move closer to the door.

“It’s I Eric” I heard the voice behind the door say.

Then I froze, So it is My ex boyfriend after all? What is he doing here? I mean my ex gay boyfriend…


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or are used fictitiously. The views and opinions expressed by characters of this story are not necessarily those of the author.

Copyright of Joyous Helena.

Copying,editing of this story is not allowed without the full permission of the writer.

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    kacee 6 years

    wow, I loooooove this. I want more *crying*

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      Fearless 6 years

      Thanks….you can check me up on Facebook at joyous Helena.

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