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  1. Martin
    Martin at |

    They need to be reminded that being gay or lesbian is not a choice and so long as it’s love between two consenting adults

    1. Lena
      Lena at |

      So true

  2. otunuga adegboyega
    otunuga adegboyega at |

    a most remarkable support statement from d king of punk himself,,many nigerians are jst bng hypocritical,self-righteous&bigotedly ignorant by insisting on pokenosing into what goes on in odr ppl”s bedroom,,luv is always right

  3. Pankar
    Pankar at |

    Is this a very recent dvpt? I need to know. I believed he has always stood for Us

  4. Cyn
    Cyn at |

    Rainbows are beautiful….


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