Podcast: Charly Boy speaks about life, brand, and plans for LGBT Nigerians

Controversial TV personality, singer/songwriter, and publisher, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa AKA Charly Boy speaks to NoStrings about his personality as a brand, life and plans for the Nigerian LGBT community.

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Charly Boy whose complex personality still remains very mysterious to many, opened up in a conversation on the NoStrings podcast, clarifying his intentions and willingness to go all out for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Nigerians.

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On the podcast, he expressed that he will not only speak up for people to understand the truth about homosexuality, but also his willingness to drum and even lead a protest whenever the community is ready to do so.

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He also talked briefly about his personality as a brand, his life including his alter egos, and as well revealed why he thinks people do not understand him.

Charly spoke at length advising members of the gay community and what he expects of them.

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To listen to the podcast interview with Charly Boy, click HERE.

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    Andrew 7 years

    I hope you can pull this off and educate people there, as your success is the only thing that will do so much to insure uneducated and ignorant people about human sexuality and how different we all are and need to be loved and accepted.

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