Call for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Nigerians to submit their poems

In the face of serious homophobia, Nigerian LGBT activist Unoma Azuah and her queer friend Michelle Omas are collecting LGBT themed poems from interested Nigerians for their new publication.

Official poster for the call.

According to the written call put out by the duo, the project is set to highlight the positive aspects of being a Queer Nigerian, as a gesture to remind and provide comfort especially at this most dangerous and volatile time in the history of the country where LGBT people are being hunted and dehumanized.

The project which is titled ‘Mounting the Moon; Queer Poetry from Nigeria’ was described by the duo as “a ray of sunlight and positivity to brighten up the lives of people being persecuted for who and how they love”

All collected poems will be compiled into a book and made available people who are interested in Queer literature.

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The themes of each poem may be about queer love, queer identity, and queer struggle, or on any relevant theme related to LGBT life and rights in Nigeria or the Nigerian Diaspora.

Poems can be in any form and length up to a maximum of 200 lines, and authors may submit as many individual works as they wish.

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According to the duo, “the project will contain some of the best new LGBT-themed Nigerian poetry for publication in the first print anthology of its kind to appear anywhere in Africa”

It is expected that with each submission, writers include a brief bio (max. 150 words).

Submissions can be in English and/or Pidgin English. All poems should be sent to

Deadline for submission is September 15th, 2017.

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