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  1. Max Smith
    Max Smith at |

    Key to improving the self-esteem of same gender loving Nigerians is to create the understanding that the Bible’s original language was NOT English. The Bible’s central message is love, and in the original Greek language of the New Testament, only arsenokoitai and malakoi may not inherit the kingdom of God. Arsenokoitai are men who rape men or boys. Malakoi are men who engage in prostitution with males. Rape is violence, not love. Prostitution takes the infinite value of love and puts a cheap money value on it.

  2. Emmanuel Tobechukwu Oliyide
    Emmanuel Tobechukwu Oliyide at |

    I wonder if we might not take a path similar to India’s with a group of people going to the courts to challenge the constitutionality of the SSMPA.

    I fear though that we don’t have a judicial system. The ruling in Adie’s case was eye opening.


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