Activists from Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya records new song to promote LGBT Equality

Scene from "Love Is Love" video.

Scene from “Love Is Love” video.

A group of Nigerian, Kenyan, and Ugandan human rights activists has come together to record a powerful and non-apologetic song championing LGBT equality in Africa.

Scene from "Love Is Love"

Scene from “Love Is Love” video

The song, titled “Love is Love,” was released on Dec. 25 on YouTube as a video filled with photos showing moments in which the activists support LGBT equality and work to achieve it..

“Love Is Love” features Odi Agev Noel, Peter Okeugo, TaaMic, Jane Ikpe, Jarkie ‘Jaybird’ & Charlie.

According to one of the lead singers, Odi Agev, the recording of the song was done at a human rights training held in Nairobi, Kenya, for select African activists seeking “to promote all forms of love.”

“It’s a song recorded by human rights activists from Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya to promote love/marriage equality and celebrate all forms of love. We recorded in Nairobi at the human rights training organized by ActionAid Global Platforms and All Out,” he said.

Watch the video below or click on any of the photos.


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