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  1. charles
    charles at |

    A touching read,wish Vera all the best and hope she gets the needed assistance to escape this place and become her authentic self.
    Lastly,thanks Mike for this piece and all ur work really.I remember I had a friend who expressed similar feelings as Vera while growing up but today, she lives happily as a woman.

  2. Chita
    Chita at |

    Dear Vera hold on nver give up you wil make it real if u jst beliv urself, but it can’t be easy here.

  3. Gabriella
    Gabriella at |

    Dear Vera I understand your dilemma, am a trans woman living in Nigeria and I know what you are going through because am going through the same thing, just be patient because it gets easier each day, and by the way have you started transitioning?

  4. westenra
    westenra at |

    stay strong vera and keep doing you! it’s a travesty that people would rather respond with violence and hatred than compassion to what they don’t fully understand

  5. mamadee
    mamadee at |

    I have wished to meet transgender but was unable to find any,I am not transgender but really want to get to know them
    Vera,be urself and don’t look down on urself,I know its not easy but hold on

  6. ProudlyBi
    ProudlyBi at |

    It will be all right Vera.Although,you’ll encounter criticisms but do hold on to who you really are but begin to transition immediately.I am not a transgender but a pure bisexual and I do belong to the LGBTI community.So,you got MY support,dear.


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