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  1. Francis
    Francis at |

    Please when is the documentary open to the public? Can we watch it anywhere online? I’ve been looking for it for like forever without luck. Thanks

  2. Saintodosly
    Saintodosly at |

    I would like to watch this Veil of Silence

  3. kacee
    kacee at |

    wow I saw the trailer omg this discrimination just makes me sick. We are also humans too. I don’t know why people fear our existence…..thank u Mike I really appreciate what you do *hugs*

  4. fearless
    fearless at |

    Really inspiring, this is my first time listening to something like this. it’s amazing and nice work you got there Mike…..BTW is there a video format of this interview. Can’t wait for the documentary anyways. 🙂

    1. Mike Daemon
      Mike Daemon at |

      Hello Fearless, am sorry no, there is no video version for the podcast. Thank you.

  5. Mike Daemon
    Mike Daemon at |

    Awww, to see the documentary please follow the information in the podcast carefully, am sorry it is not available for download or streaming or on DVD/VCD yet, However, once its launched, you’ll all be notified.

    Thank you.

  6. hodge
    hodge at |

    Absolutely delightful. It was really awesome.

  7. eghe
    eghe at |

    is the video available now mike.

  8. Jude
    Jude at |

    This is nonsense

    1. P
      P at |

      What is it?


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