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    BRYANNN at |

    you are definitely the next big thing @MIKE DAEMON

  2. Mike Daemon
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    Awww@BRYANNN thank you so much, i am happy doing this, please do well to support by subscribing and liking our page. Thank you again.

  3. Hodge
    Hodge at |

    This is really spectacular. I must confess, Mike you are doing a really good job. Standing up for the minority. Nice. I love Adaora, She just looks like Asa and Adichie all wrapped up in one. Nice. Really nice.

  4. Uziel
    Uziel at |

    I saw this movie about two years ago and I have been fascinated with it and the people behind it since then. I find the sacrifices people like Ms. Nwandu made in the bid to bring us this love story between two people who didn’t know they could have that love story worth mentioning. Thanks for this, Mike.

  5. VAKnightStick
    VAKnightStick at |

    Just discovered your podcast through Sahara Reports. A great and welcome initiative!

    I enjoyed the interview with Adaora Nwandu, but I wish you had probed more. You probably had a list of questions you wanted to go through and so couldn’t ask more follow-up questions or let her responses dictate the next question. Still a good interview though.

    1. Mike Daemon
      Mike Daemon at |

      I am so glad you enjoyed the episode, keep supporting!


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