VIDEO: African trans woman, assaulted and stripped naked


Transgender woman stripped naked by her abusers.

NoStrings recently came across a video of an African trans woman who appeared to have been forcefully brought from somewhere by some people to a place which seems like a police station, where she faced harassment.

In the video that you are about to see below, the people present with the trans woman, were questioning, harassing and assaulting her.

The language spoken in the video is unknown to us here at NoStrings, but we are very sure, the people in the video are Africans.

In the video she appeared really strong and well behaved even though she was unsettled. She tried really hard to take it all in.

At some point the people who had her, began to talk about detaining and arresting her, and then forcefully pulled her naked, probably to check if she is male or female. They were touching her genitals shouting and mocking her, asking her to open up her legs so they can see whatever it is that they were looking for clearly. “Release it, must you leave it?, open it, remove it” the poeople shouted at her.

The trans woman on the other hand, looked as though she has seen so much, and the attitude expressed toward her at the spot was not new to her. Apparently, similar incidence has occurred before, as one of the people in the video, a man who was not present from the beginning of the capture, angrily came rushing in and taking off her wig, shouting. “You again, you again, remove this madness, get out!”

It is indeed very disheartening, painful, and sad to see fellow humans act this way toward a fellow, just because they are different.

Africa has indeed blinded itself with denial and has refused to see into the reality of that, which is true, and present in nature.

Where then is the diversity and tolerance that we talk of? Where is the love and compassion that we should show to our neighbors and to those that are different from us who believe in things different from that which we believe in?

This is not only disrespectful to her as a human person, but a complete violation of her rights to her freedom of expression and dignity.

Imagine what this experience will do to her psychology, what has she done? Who has she harmed? She is now being subjected to this kind of ill treatment because of how who she is. This is terrible.

Human rights are universal, and so all persons should be treated equally under the law, No?

We believe that no human being should be treated less than who they are, be it gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, or for even their gender. And so, this is completely unacceptable.

Just imagine if it was illegal to you.

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