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This Nollywood film teaches something about LGBT acceptance

In Nigeria, accurate LGBT representation in film is often ignored and replaced with homophobic narratives, but a not-too-recent Nollywood film appears to have gotten a few things right.

By Mike Daemon

Quite progressively, some Nollywood filmmakers are beginning to get it right by making sure that their stories somewhat reflect the authentic realities of LGBT people in Nigeria.

An example of such a film is ‘The Eve’ a 2018 Nollywood romantic drama which tells the story of a man who has second thoughts about his upcoming wedding when he meets another woman at his bachelor party.

In the film, one of the characters played by Kunle Remi came out as gay to his best friend Funsho (played by Adeolu Adefarasin) and got an unexpected rare response.

Coming out Scene from the film. (Left) Adeolu Adefarasin (Right) Kunle Remi

Even though the gay character wasn’t the center of the film neither were there other scenes created to allow the character a chance to shine and take form, we appreciate that it wasn’t portrayed negatively to promote the usual stereotypical storyline adopted by many other Nollywood films.

Another interesting character was played by Francis Sule. Sule took on the role of an effeminate Nigerian bridal designer, thus dismantling gender stereotypes.

However, as usual, the film attracted some negative criticisms from homophobic Nigerians who felt that it was promoting homosexuality.

On YouTube where the trailer of the film was uploaded, one person commented:

“Pastor Adeolu, i managed to watch part of the moovie, whats the morale of the movie? Encouraging gay or encouraging unfailfulness? Not good Adeolu, a pastor should be involved in this kind of the film! Copy cats”

But in overall, we can agree to a large extent that this is a great film and indeed has something to teach in regards to coming out as gay and living authentically as queer.

Also, it can be recalled that a Nigerian non-profit, launched a new LGBTQ+-focused online streaming platform.

Just to add, it should be noted that there are a few other interesting Nigerian LGBT-themed films that are worth seeing. 

To list a few, there are films such as ‘We Don’t Live Here Anymore’ ‘Hell or High Waters’, etc.

To watch The EVE, click HERE.

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