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  1. Anthony Ademiluyi
    Anthony Ademiluyi at |

    This is tragic. It shows the extent to how we have legalised hate in this country. My heart goes out to the victims. Aren’t the deaths of Akinnifesi Olubunmi, the Orlando 49 and many other unreported ones enough? What a black Friday!

  2. Richard
    Richard at |


    This is just the beginning. I saw as they were beaten to hell. One had died already.

    LMAO….gays will all die.

    This is just the starting point. But why will someone choose to be a homo??

    It’s horrible to hear this. Spits out….puwaaaaaaa

    A man having urge for man. Tufiakwa.

    How horrible this can be.
    Pls can you gays die for ever.

    1. Sinnex
      Sinnex at |

      I hope you would say the same thing when your son, brother or relative is killed because of their sexuality.

    2. enrich_lee
      enrich_lee at |

      Karma is one sweet bitch! Pls don’t hesitate to kill ur own son wen he turns out gay

  3. Lia
    Lia at |

    I hate Nigeria stupid country , you are not fighting against your country corruption but homo, with that your country dont accept it does your country grow still , 99 % of country who accept it There country are not lack of anything @ Richard , you are the most illiterate i have ever seen ,people with such bad mouth like yours are the people they meet at the gay club, its better you quiet if you dont know what to say


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