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  1. Ododo Sylvester
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    I have been raising the alarm, sounding warning to all my friends. Most especially those who are of the same sexuality with me, But nobody won’t listen to me. Vecause when it happens to one and it has not happened to another, people seems not to believe your stories. As a result, they don’t feel like helping nor take action either. Lo! the ordeal experienced by this young man has happened to me and it is exactly the same story. I experienced mine at Ibusa, close to Asaba, Delta State, in a white house that is highly fenced. I was brutally bitten almost to the point of death, all my money was collected from the bank through the ATM card they collected from me, they asked my people to send them #100,000 Naira Nigeria currency, they collected my two phones with the sims, and sent my people message that I am gay. I was naked, video, taken pictures and asked to confessed that i am gay. Later they asked me to join them and help them to deceive other gay that I know and those that I have their contacts in my phone. but I insisted that I cannot do it. I told them I had never been a cult member, nor a criminal . But they insisted that I must join, they said that my duty is just to give them the contacts of the people and deceive them, while they do the rest thing. I told them ‘ I cannot’. It got to an extent that they wanted to give me an Indian herb ( I-gbo) to smoke and root from Ogogoro to drink. At this juncture, I told them that i am a priest. They started calling me ‘ the gay pastor’. They further told me that they are “black axe ” by name, and that they also sell parts of human being , but only when a buyer is ready in order for the person not to waste.( that is, they see buyer(s) before they kill human being. That is, they can even kill a full human being just because of one or two parts a buyer needed according to them). They said “as a very strong and handsome young man, i should join them”. They said that since I am a pastor I will not involve in killing but my duty is to make sure that I deceive gay and also give them their contacts. Lo and behold, right in my present two guys and a lady were brought with strong bit. As they bit them, one guy was strongly fighting with them and was killed in the process. When they realised that the guy is death, they dragged him into the bathroom. I cannot really say everything that happened to me in that place because it was really a horror dilemma. I left the place only by God’s intervention and destiny fighting for me. Almost every young boy/man in that community is involve in this act, including some girls which they use to get homosexual girls ( lesbians). They don’t do this evil to only gays , but as far as straights. They use the name ‘gay’ to criminalize their victims, whether gay or not. I also believe strongly that some of these criminals/Cultists are gays. They are in the Facebook, 2go, whatsapp group chat, manjam.com, gay.com, Nigeria gay.com, etc. My advice to my people out there is that, just be careful and watch out for them. they are everywhere, they are in your midst and some have gone out from us for this so evil purpose. Watch out for anyone who is saying that “to be a homosexual is a sin”, whereas, he is a homosexual and still involve in same sex. Beware of anyone who is yet to accept his sexuality and one who has not reconciled his sexuality with God and his conscience but still struggling over it, whether to accept it all not. They are traitors( betrayers and sheep in wolves clothes), because they will either put you into trouble it will soon put themselves into trouble and later involve you. I hate telling people my stories this days because they would listen and hear you out as if they care about you. But at the end, after spending your time, strength and energy to tell them your stories, everything would turn out to be a waste of your saliver. It seems everybody today is interested in hearing news of what happened to their fellow human being. They listen, look at you and go on their ways without returning to see how you are faring. Some assumed others have helped you or will help you. I wish to boldly tell this set of people that they are still very far from a good Samaritan. Do much of empathy than just sympathizing over critical condition such as this. I don’t wish anyone to experience what i have experienced in the Church (Religion) and the society (secular) at large. My ministry/ priesthood was truncated by the Anglican Church of Nigeria not because I did any hurt to anybody, the Church nor to the society. But just because I am different, and that my Theological/Biblical view about human sexuality is quite different. It is because of my stance and firm belief that I am being persecuted!!!, sanctioned and criminalised. Oh God! please help me out……( O Chineke! nyere m aka) ( E Oghene! biko chavwe ukooo). ‘It is good to die in fighting than to die in hiding’. And Even if i die today, my blood like the blood of Abel will cry unto God.Because the blood of the Saint gays in one place is a seed for the freedom of gays everywhere. I rest my case. Thanks +2348175560984 . For more details you are free to call me if you have a pragmatic intention and plan for me. Thanks

  2. peter wegos
    peter wegos at |

    All of your stories are all correct but one I want to say is that since this country prohibit this stuff,then we should at least hid ourself to prevent us from dismay,shame,insult nd bitting……it doesn’t mean you hidding u don’t know what you are doing or what to do of a truth the those guys took from u will go along way when u are in need of it but just becuase of what happened all your savings is .my advice to all is that we shouldn’t visit instead we should invite the dude over to save dismay and when he refuse our proposal then let him becuase his not the only dude and u don’t know what his up to.

  3. Anthony Ademiluyi
    Anthony Ademiluyi at |

    The police will do worse if you report to them; what a dilemma!


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