Nigeria: Hisbah Corps in Kano State arrests about 70 youths on account of homosexuality

Kano State Hisbah have reportedly arrested about 70 youths (total number yet to be verified) following accusations that they were planning to organize a gay party.

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The suspects, who are all males, were arrested at Nassarawa quarters, Nassarawa local government area of the state.

Deputy Commander of Operations, Kano Hisbah corps, Maigida Katchako, explained that the suspects were captured after a survey was carried out by the board, and it was discovered that they [ the youths] were planning to host a gay party which is against the doctrines and teachings of Islam which the Corps pledged to uphold.

He further said that the suspects, who consist of minors, will be arraigned before a court of law with the appropriate jurisdictions.

He then disclosed that Hisbah operatives in their numbers will comb through the streets before, during and after the Eid festival to ensure the security of lives and properties.

He also enjoined visitors and residents of Kano State to abide by the rules and regulations of Hisbah and other security agencies to experience a hitch-free Eid festival.

A source within the area who spoke to NoStrings confirmed the arrest but claimed that the suspects were just 52 in number, a number which has not yet been verified by NoStrings as at the time of writing this report. However, other media platforms have reported that they were 70 in number such as

Under the Sharia laws in twelve Northern states in Nigeria, persons caught engaging in anal sex will either get several lashes of cane especially in the case of a minor, while a married or previously married adult will be stoned to death. In Kano specifically, persons caught in the act stand to face one-year imprisonment or stoned to death.

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  • comment-avatar
    Lee 7 years

    Wow, huge difference for one year in prison or stoned to death ? So what does one have to do to only get one year ? Why does people try to rule the private and personal lives of people behind closed doors. Does the government and laws control sex in the bedrooms ? When will the police start demanding to look in everyone’s bedroom to see if they are abiding by Sharia law ? The people should revolt and demand privacy and sexual intimacy that every person should have in this world.

    • comment-avatar
      Trisha 7 years

      Minors are caned and get a year. Adults are stoned to death.

  • comment-avatar
    promise fidelis 7 years

    Lee you are very stupid very soon you will be admitted to a psychiatric home for treatment ….oh so being gay is now Good right if so could u have been born to this world

    very soon you wil say let government allow people rape a kid thats it just a feeling

    • comment-avatar
      Trisha 7 years

      Pedophilia has nothing to do with being gay. More straight people are pedophiles than gay people simply because there are more straight people. This is an old belief that has been disproven over and over again.

    • comment-avatar
      Mac 7 years

      Promise, you are as dumb as the word itself. What is your business what people do in their bedroom? In as much as no one is lured or forced into it and there is mutual consent, let them be. You live your life and let others do as well.

  • comment-avatar
    okey 7 years

    So people should be stoned to death for choosing who they go to be with? They were planning not that they were caught in the act; this is really inhumane for a country that practices democracy so to speak and has “fundamental human rights” in her constitution.

    Hiding under the cloak of religion is what even makes this act of injustice more pathetic and our government does nothing absolutely nothing about this smh.

    I’m just saddened at the things that goes on in this country ranging from the corruption that has eaten deep into the fabrics of this “great nation” to jungle justice you hear and read about on the news like its the right thing to do; to the way homosexuals are being treated in this country which makes me wonder if we are ever going to move forward.

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