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  1. Rickie Thomas
    Rickie Thomas at |

    They need to give then lubricant so it is easy to go in and don’t hurt the young boys ass

  2. Strongforu
    Strongforu at |

    Love needs no labels. Not does it need explanation. Follow your heart and be careful.

  3. spaterman
    spaterman at |

    Its good and better to follow your heart

  4. felix
    felix at |

    They need to give lubricant so that it will be easy to go in but those guy are too young for that !!!

  5. Jerry
    Jerry at |

    Well, I strongly believe that we have to show love to homosexuals and lesbians. Accept them into our society and never ever exhibit any form of discrimination against them. However, I strongly reject the idea that we have to accept homsexualism and lesbianism as being norm. No! Never! Instead, we have to pray for them to accept who God created them to be.

  6. Claudio
    Claudio at |

    Dear Jerry, I agree with you. Homosexuality, transsexuality or any other form of non-heterosexuality will never become the norm in the world, simply because they are sexualities of minorities. But this is just why they have to be respected!
    No one should be punished for anything as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. And I really don’t understand how love and caring should hurt anyone…? So why do people even care, what others do in their bedroom?! It’s none of your buisness!!
    Also I don’t come to you and tell you what colour you should like, just because I like it. Let people like us be ourselves! We’re a valid part of society just like you! And I believe, if God created LGBTQ he would be a very cruel God to implement these desires into humans but later say they have to be condemned.
    If anything, God accepts these people as who they are and willingly put them this way to test you, Jerry. To test your acceptance and love for people who are different. To let them change you and open your narrowed perspective. Religion can be practised in so many ways…

    And at NoStrings: I think it’s great to have such a website as yours, where people can exchange thoughts about LGBTQ issues! I myself am from Europe and here we have a very different situation concerning the laws on homosexuality.
    Keep up all the good work! You are precious to the people surrounding you!


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