Call for submissions on Police brutality against LGBTIQ+ Persons in Nigeria

We understand that our community has continued to endure so much homophobia from the Nigerian police who constantly haunts, tortures, harass, and arrests members of our community for doing absolutely nothing wrong but for just existing.

But it’s time we speak up and resist.  To do this, we are putting together a special podcast episode to address the issue and we hope that this will bring some attention and awareness to how members of the community have been severely affected by their individual unfortunate experiences with the Nigeria Police who have failed in their duties to protect the HUMAN RIGHTS of ALL persons.

We are collecting a 1-minute voice clip from LGBTIQ+ persons in Nigeria who have experienced any form of police brutality.

All submissions should be kept anonymous and straight to the point. This means that those submitting their entries should not mention their real names, just nicknames.

The format below should be adopted when recording your voice clip.

My name is …….(nickname here) and I …… (Sexual orientation here).

I am currently living in ….. (Current location) and I want to share my personal experience with the Nigeria police.

Afterwards, use the form below to submit your entry.

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