Call for applications: LGBTIQ+ community support fund

NoStringsNG is pleased to provide emergency relief support for LGBTIQ+ Nigerians living in Nigeria.

From the African Human Rights Media Network

By Mike Daemon

As an LGBTIQ+-led organization working with and for the community, NoStringsNG understands the hardships that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused for members of our community, such as unemployment, barriers to health care, homelessness, etc.

In the past few months, we have received numerous requests from members of our community who are impacted by the pandemic, most of them coming through our Android-based mobile app Qtalk.

As a result, we decided to apply for a grant providing financial resources to members of the Nigerian LGBTIQ+ community who are in dire need of emergency support. We received that grant.

Requests can only be for food.

Please Note:

1. This opportunity is for LGBTIQ+ Nigerians living in Nigeria only.

2. Only Nigerians who identify as LGBTIQ+ may apply. If you do not identify as such, we strongly advise you not to waste your time filling out the application, because you will be screened out. Trust us, we will know.

3. No multiple applications. If we notice this, you will be screened out.

We are no longer accepting applications for this opportunity.

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    Maxwell 2 years

    How do I apply?

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    How can I apply

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