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    People no matter what race or gender, people did not choose to be brought into this world. Yet those of the opposite sex who engage in either amorous intimate sex within marriage or without it, knowingly do it with that intent and some don’t in that they are going to bring a new life in to this world. Hence, then when that life manifest itself in its individual being as it grows within as we all know as in the individuality of ourselves within what we truly know is good and evil. How dare we go against God’s creation thereof, in His image of the state of love where there no acts of hate involved. These things are in all of us, so why make it harder for the least of your own young and old kins, and do as we do here in the USA. Yes, we have it good bur there is still great opposition from that which should not be when it’s within the true understanding of God’s name of love. Such evil things do not existence within that true realm. When it is accomplished, there will be no need to fear anything anymore. God gave the ten commandments and the last two to be accomplished within all the genders. Respecting one another in a brotherly friendship way within God’s understanding of love. You all know how you do it in your friendly neighborhood, where no one is trying to get over another. Honesty is always the best to go, but we must not persecute nor ridicule that which we may find personally offensive. I mean anyone can find anything offensive and create a big stink about it. However, some better things are truly justifiable within the order of love.


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