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  1. chuks
    chuks at |

    This is a very nice medium to reach our people keep it up we hear uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Drake Nyepa
    Drake Nyepa at |

    homosexuality is a disgrace to humanity especially as Afrikans ,its unfortunate that we are now adopting all the Western cultures even if its evil we aint reasoning! nxaa i hate HOMOSEXUALITY!

    1. Rickey pottman
      Rickey pottman at |

      We hate you to we hate you to

  3. Emmy
    Emmy at |

    Seriously some people do not get how the *homosexuals* feels or should I say the LGBT world. Humans came to this earth with different sexual feeling. Who I’m I to judge my neighbours of who to love. Do people know what “love” means? Don’t just call it anyhow when you don’t how mighty and valuable love is. Biblically, if there is no love, would Jesus Christ had died for us? Would he had preached about love? Would he had come to earth because of mankind’s sins? Let’s be realistic, everybody wanna be straight but alot found themselves in another world entirely. Homosexuality is a sin as ppl says but killing, adultery,fornications, lying, etc are not sodomy or sinful? Don’t let ppl deceive us. Even our governments do worst than that and besides,no one ever know if LGBT world is a sin. If it is,let the person prove it and let him receive a good answer from me

  4. Timnyc
    Timnyc at |

    Beautiful! Seductive!!! Delicious!!!! Black on black! Sex! Africans wake-up and smile the coffee, we Africans are subjected to laws that we don’t know. Westerns citizens come to our continent with a black book and now we walk around worshipping the book, instead of being us! Why is it wrong to be gay or lesbian? This continent will only be a rich continent if we can focus on things that will benefit Africans.

  5. Cindy Stong
    Cindy Stong at |

    Here’s how i see it, people who say homosexuality is western are dumb..yep, just plain dumb because before the west came to our shores we were free sexually, we wore little to no clothing, it was the west that put homophobia in us, before the bible and shit, Africans had diverse sexuality.
    Being gay isn’t unAfrican
    We have little to no records of how Africans were before the west came in so before people start talking they should do their damned research!
    I love love, i think it’s beautiful while i’ve never really experienced it before, i think it’s the most amazing thing in the world, my friend is gay and has a boyfriend but the only reason i think he’s okay with it is because he lives in a place where it’s accepted Central America while i live in Nigeria.
    I’m a writer but i love writing about love the most, gay love i think it;’s so beautiful, i write on a site called Wattpad and really advice for Nigeria to go there and pick a book to read because they could learn a lot!

  6. Okparajesus
    Okparajesus at |

    I wish I had a gone. I would have killed this guys.so pathetic. Nonsense, rubbish. Anyway Nigerians gays will pay for this. I was behind the Benin arrest and another one is coming up soon.

  7. Emmy
    Emmy at |

    First thing to say to opkara is that he should remove the name “Jesus” from his name. You need to go back to school because it is “gun” not “gone”. Do you know youre now becoming a murderer for telling the media you’re gonna kill your fellow Nigerian if you had a gun? You better control your anger because Jesus is not like that. I wanna ask you a question,why don’t you like to mind your business? Your business in this country is to make it a better place, not upsidedown. Keep on helping to arrest but I will tell you that “a man die by his sword” . One day,you would also be arrested and what might end it might be d**th. I wish you well okpara

  8. kells
    kells at |

    Leave that cow alone…his just a fool. he thinks it’s easy to kill. Go kill now, make I see whether u go live.


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