Video: Nigerian man condemns the killings of homosexuals in Nigeria

A Nigerian man has lashed out bitterly condemning the killings of homosexuals in Nigeria.


In a 3 minute video which appeared on, the unknown man who all through the video, spoke from the front seat of his car, expressed deep concerns as to how homosexuals in the country are being treated.

He likened the barbaric nature of treatment meted out against homosexuals to that of the behaviors of the Boko Haram terrorist group in the country.

In a further statement, he urged Nigerians to focus more on other meaningful things and their individual lives so that they can become successful people.

He condemned jungle justice, and suggested that there should be a law in place to punish those who form groups and then take the law into their hands.

Finally, he spoke about the need for Nigerians to show love to one another and to become more of their brother’s keeper.

Watch the inspiring video Below.

Nigerians Who Beat And Burn Gay Men Are Worse Than Boko Haram And Fulani Herdsmen Combined Says Angry Nigerian Man Based Abroad…

Posted by Abiyamọ on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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    Drew 6 years

    Shame, Shame, Shame on those who kill other humans in the name of religion. I realize their need for something to hang onto for a better afterlife than the life they have, but to condemn and murder someone who was born the way they are because there is a passage in their holy book that states homosexuality is an abomination while ignoring the same book’s words of the Ten Commandments, which also was rules for people to live by. What about “Thou shalt not kill” do they not understand ? And why can’t they see so many discrepancies in these religious books that were written by man, telling them these words are God’s ? What happen to the “Love They Neighbor as thyself” do they not understand ? or is their life depending upon Cleric’s who have an agenda of power and control over the people, because the people are uneducated and it is following the evil wolves as man ? I wish minds could be changed instantly, but this never happens, will take years, decades to change these minds, and in the meantime, innocent people will be kill for the way they were created ? Shame on all who do this !

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    Its really a shame…homophobia in nigeria is really getting out of hand…surprisingly,the seemingly educated ones are worse…what do u expect?…

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    Andrew 6 years

    It’s extremely sad that people will go to the extreme point of killing another because of one’s sexual preference. I urge LGBTI people to continue the struggle and don’t give up. We should realize that change takes time. And what our barbaric brothers and sisters are doing will fade. We should keep in mind that no matter what happens they can’t get rid of who we are. I advice my LGBTI brothers and sisters to carry out individual activism. These activism could include discussions on gay issues with family, friends, coworker, commenting on any matter that relates LGBTI, following LGBTI on facebook and twitter etc., I understand the fear that many of us might have concerning the kind of homophic country we are in and that is why I encourage LGBT persons to carry out individual activism instead of keeping silent.
    See friends, by engaging in activism you help create more awareness to family’s and friends. Even if it is true that the journey starts with acceptance, this is not enough. In initiating gay right discussions you might be surprised that the listener may not understand homosexuality and there homophic idea must have stemmed from from religion and cultural perspective.
    Now, in your discussion don’t start by tell them that homosexuality is right, rather start by telling them how important it is for everyone to respect the fundamental right of the other. Tell them that the sexual orientation of someone does not make that person less human or less important. Show them incites or examples of successful men and women who are LGBT. I think that could be a start.

    In solidarity

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