A Nigerian radio show is set to tackle the issue of ‘God & Gays’

A US/Nigerian online LGBT focused radio show ‘The Real LGBT Lives;’ is set to explore the complex and controversial issue of homosexuality and God.

Official poster for the live show

Moji Solar-Percy a US-based Nigerian talk show host will discuss this issue with Rev. Jide Macaulay founder of House of Rainbow, an LGBT community church with its headquarters in the UK.

The show which has been titled ‘God & Gays’ will explore and address the following concerns;

What does God really think of homosexual men and women?
Why are Religion and homosexuality always at odds?
Is the Bible an instrument of truth or a weapon of mass destruction?
What does the Bible really say about the LGBTQIA+ person?

The show will go live on Friday the 16th of June, 2017 at 4PM EST.

Interested persons, especially Nigerians are encouraged to participate by calling in on the live show via the provided the phone number.  + 1 (646) 200-0386.

To learn more about the show, click HERE.

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