Liberian woman in love with another woman after male lover abandons her

A Liberian woman has now found love in the arms of another woman, after she struggled for several months alone through a pregnancy she got from an ex male lover.

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The woman whose name is Ishblack, said that at the early stages of her life when she was still grappling with her sexual orientation, she came across a man who persuaded her into a relationship, but latter abandoned her and traveled abroad, leaving her pregnant. She said;

“I came across a guy who, we got into a relationship, after a few months together I got pregnant, and then at the peak of our relationship, he travelled overseas without my knowledge”

Ishblack said she struggled with the pregnancy for 9 months with no assistance, until she came across a woman who took full responsibility. She said;

“I came across this woman who paid my hospital bills, and took care of me and my baby. She helped me enter University; in fact she gave me whatever I wanted”

Ishblack said that after spending a few years with this woman, she discovered that she was in love with her, but was too afraid to tell her, and that after 6 months since her travel away from her, she now feels terribly lonely. She said;

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“On the week of her travelling to Victoria, I managed to tell her how I felt about her, but it was surprising to discover that she equally felt the same way about me. We cuddled, kissed and played with each other, and this continued for weeks. We made promises to each other, and she said that she will be there for me. Since her travel I am just here on campus like an empty shell”

Now after all this years of neglect, Ishblack’s ex male lover is back to claim the baby, and Ishblack says she is now confused, and does not want to release the baby, instead will prefer to raise the baby with her new female lover who has indicated interest in taking care of the child. She said;

“My daughter’s father has come for my baby, after he betrayed me, my friend who took care of the baby requested that she’ll come for the baby, but now I fear that I will seen as ungrateful if I release the baby to her father”

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    Ify 6 years

    Keep your baby and raise him to be a better man than his father with your girlfriend. Do not block access to his father. But his father has to adhere to some rules of visitation. Finish school and keep making you and your child’s life better. He will thank you for it later in life

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