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  1. Domingo A Torres
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    What straight people do not understand in all African countries and even in Russia, is that homosexuality will never be abolished. It is part of mankind’s nature of a natural population control. Yes it is a behavior that one can choose to practice or remain celibate. However, there is an uncontrollable urge to come out and be who one has turn out to be in life. As a family they should embrace it as long as the individual is not intentionally out to harm other’s with it. Gay people did not asked to be born and frankly no one has.

    Therefore we should treat each other with human kindness, understanding, tolerance and prudence. Going against the baby that one loved when born and is now a grown creature is an act of hate and malicious discrimination. Of course if a country is going to create laws against such creatures in order to stop or slow down an STD disease and by the same means prevent anyone from associating with them, including medical advocates and teachers to indoctrinate and teach how to protect oneself against the disease, well that is a very stupid move as it is going increase the disease.

    Put your religious fervor morality away and lets look at practicality. God’s spirituality is not of religion nor of hatred. Hated only breeds more hatred towards a never ending contentious engagement of civil rivalry. As Whoopi Goldberg said “We have gone through this here in the USA and we do not put up with it any longer” Let’s help the rest of the world become more understanding and compassionate.
    DJ Sunday Towers

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