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  1. Derek Williams
    Derek Williams at |

    This heart rending case and others like it that occur on a daily basis are caused primarily by an appalling lack of education. I can only think the Commonwealth should be taking an active lead as a priority to ease the suffering of minorities so needlessly feared and so pointlessly attacked.

    Urgent work needs to be done to un-stitch Africa’s vile anti-gay laws that are in reality, artefacts of British colonial jurisprudence. Human Rights Watch have raised concerns that the laws are encouraging widespread extortion and violence, and yet state targeting of LGBT Nigerians has only intensified. There have also been repeated calls from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for governments to safeguard the rights of LGBT minorities, recently echoed by UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government conference.

    Victims of violence and discrimination should still enjoy the protection of the law, regardless of laws against their sexuality, yet the opposite is the case. At the very least their fundamental human rights should be protected. The first and most urgent need is to prosecute criminal attacks against LGBT people with the same severity as against anyone else who attacks someone, and to adopt anti-discrimination measures, as was the case in Australia prior to decriminalisation of same-sex relationships.

  2. Czharcus
    Czharcus at |

    People that “hate” in whatever form, be it racism, tribalism, homophobia, etc. are doing the bidding of the state. They’re doing the bidding of those in power to their own detriment.

    What happens is they are so enthralled with the people without power… They expend so much energy hating people that do not and cannot affect them because they are powerless, they do not see/do not have any energy left to fight those that are in power and are actively destroying their livelihoods.


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