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  1. Lee
    Lee at |

    And the rich men do not consider this as homosexuality ? Wow, if a man is aroused at the sight of other males, whether young or old, have sex with the same sex is homosexuality. Call it anything you prefer, but that does not change what it really is. Shame on them, nothing by hypocrites !

  2. jamie e
    jamie e at |

    No wonder the rest of the world doesn’t wan’t afghan refugees.

  3. Derek Williams
    Derek Williams at |

    Having relationships with young men over 16 is one thing, but sexual congress with children is another matter altogether. This is nothing but the most appalling abuse and shameless hypocrisy. I find it mpossible to rationalise how an Islamic country that executes homosexuals for being in an adult to adult relationship harming no-one, can nevertheless justify and condone such wicked abuse by pedophiles of its own children like this. The disconnect is beyond belief.


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