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    I think it’s just silly how we keep going about this apology madness. Abati is not the one that signed the law or the House of Representatives member that introduced the bill. If we want apologies, let’s start from them. Dude was just a spoke person. All of una dey do follow follow without thinking deep. The hate within our community is more than the one from outside. I don’t need apology from Abati, I need him to share what he is learning with other homophobic human so they know. If we close this door by bullying, we might just never get another again. Let’s think and stop following that lousy one call Bisi who does nothing but noise making online. Change we want is not behind computer.

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    The 2016 Human Rights Violations Report Based on Real or Perceived Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Nigeria, a 61-page publication by TIERS Nigeria which was formally presented at the occasion and
    “Tell Me Where I Can Be Safe”: The Impact of Nigeria’s Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, a 108-page publication by Human Rights Watch. Mike if you can direct me to where I can get this two books, I would be forever grateful, I need a good Nigerian LGBTQI book(nonfiction)


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