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  1. Raphael
    Raphael at |

    I think it’s hard time we all started coming out! If we keep hiding then we’ll never get liberation!

    We all should be ACTIVISTs

  2. Rebirth
    Rebirth at |

    We all should be activists, i lovethat clause. Activitism begins from acceptance, most LGB are still in denial that’s why there is so much hate within and without the community.

    Seyi has big balls, I hope to use mine too.

  3. Brix
    Brix at |

    seyi is brave
    most would prefer dying

  4. David
    David at |

    So emotional, what a brave young man…

  5. Prince Nathan
    Prince Nathan at |

    Nice one

  6. obnna Camillus
    obnna Camillus at |

    I love gay guys I m gay top love big ass ok


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