50cent makes a joke of LGBT plight in Nigeria, and Davido laughs about it

American rapper 50cent, has shared a trending video clip of the 57 alleged gay men who were arrested in Lagos a while ago.

50cent & Davido

50cent shared the viral video on Instagram as a joke with an ‘LOL’ which means ‘Laugh Out Loud’. The video showed one of the victims James Brown making some grammatical errors while trying to defend himself against the allegations by the Nigerian police that he is gay.

50cent shares joke

Nigerian singer, Davido, who obviously think that human rights violation is funny, commented with an ‘LMAO’ which means ‘Laughing My Ass Off’, while a few others tried to bring to their attention that what happened to the 57 young men wasn’t a joke, and was indeed a violation of their human rights.

The video has since gone viral on social media and majority has continued to make fun of the young lad simply because he lacks mastery of the English language, but did not take into account that he was aware of his rights, as well as even found the courage to speak up in the face of oppression.

However, a recent report has emerged with strong evidence that the 57 young men were framed and that they were only gathered to celebrate a birthday party.

Shame on 50cent, Davido and any other individual who think that a person deserves to be humiliated and made fun of, simply because of their sexual orientation, or that human rights violation is funny.

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  • comment-avatar
    Raphael 5 years

    This is not acceptable. He’s not helping matters…at all.

  • comment-avatar
    Darren Mitton 5 years

    Straight men will always find queers getting killed hilarious.

  • comment-avatar
    Master Adrian 5 years

    I do hope that the rapper 50cent and all those who supported him by adding LOL and LMAO to his fun about gay people being humiliated and tortured due to their homosexuality will be one day in the same position! Perhaps not for being homosexual but for being ……….. (fill in the dots)! These sort of scumbags do not deserve anything else then being humiliated in the most worst way and manner themselves! Yes indeed, I refer to these so-called educated western individfuals as scumbags, owrthless scumbags and pieces of filth! That deserve to have their backs flogged, their testicles removed to prevent any offspring, and their tongues been cut out! They minimally desewrve to be humiliated the same way and manner as the victims of abuse!

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