Trans Nigerian sends a message of love to all in song

Dr. Rizi Timane a Nigerian transman, singer/songwriter has released a music video which addresses the need to put an end to all kinds of hate toward sexual minority persons.

Screenshot from the music video “Love is all we need” by Rizi Timane

The music video titled as “Love is all we need” has so far garnered over a million views on YouTube since it was shared tell a powerful story about love and the need to embrace diversity.

Listen: Rizi Timane: My Journey as a Transgender Nigerian

Dr. Rizi said;

“The song is about the need for unity. Now more than ever, it’s important for us to be open-minded and willing to accept others just the way they are,” wrote Dr. Timane. “We are all supposed to be different and with just a little love, we can embrace and celebrate our differences.”

Check out the video below.


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    Lee O 5 years

    Diversity is what makes a nation great, as we celebrate the talents, thoughts and ideas of so many cultures that come together for the purpose of one love, one goal for all be the best we can be and develop each of our talents. If all are cloned to be the same, think the same, then where is the new ideas to come from to make great things happen. Love with diversity has proven to be what makes the world great, not hate for others who are different, think different. Celebration of our differences matter. Not hate !

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