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  1. Lena
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    If indeed they were gathered for a gay marriage, I most honestly see nothing wrong with it, besides the fact that it is not accepted in the society. I’m a young lady who supports the lgbt community in Nigeria, despite not being one myself. Homosexuals, as I’ve come to realize, do not choose to be the way they are. One can never choose whom to fall in love with.

    Nigeria is a country under a constitution. And some of which I believe to be the right to freedom of speech, movement, and religion. Simply put, the right to life. From my observations, I’ve come to realize that the issue of homosexuality in Nigeria is mostly judged by religion. Supposing homosexuality was demonstrated as a form of religion, would it be castigated as much as it is now? Would the right to be part of any religion become alienable just because of the practice?? Howbeit then that we still have traditional worshippers who perform human sacrifices. In my opinion, compared to homosexuality, that is by far the worst form of religion being practiced. These traditional worshippers are being acknowledged in the Constitution. They practice openly and without fear of being spotted by the government. This however is not the same for the homosexuals, bound to be exposed to all forms of harm should they be discovered. The traditional worshippers choose to be what they are. Homosexuals do not.

    From the headline, the supposed offenders were granted bail and then asked to pay a huge amount of money. What then would come of the actual perpetrators?

  2. Kenchy
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    HIV-AIDS patients are protected globally from discrimination on grounds of their state of health; why should the LGBTI communities in Nigeria be unduly discriminated upon on grounds of their is dual orientation? They are human beings and entitled to fundamental human rights guaranteed under our constitution and other regional and international Human Rights instruments. The level of protection of human rights is the yardstick for measuring the level of civilisation of a country.
    Until the Same Sex Marriage Prohition Act 2013 is annulled, same sex marriage and other acts related thereto are unlawful. America went through this phase during the regime of Bill Clinton when the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) held sway until the ruling in Obergefell v Hodgeson when same sex marriage was legalised in America.


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