Survey to capture Human Rights violations in Nigeria Launched!

surveyLove Planet International Foundation, a Nigerian human rights organization focused on creating awareness for social and environmental issues, has just launched a survey to capture experiences of human rights violations in Africa.

The survey will be used to document human rights violation in Africa, and all submitted responses will be used for report purposes and to inform strategies or medium of support/intervention.

Also, respondents willing to share their story on camera will be selected for a Documentary and duly compensated.

All submitted entries will be kept safe and will never be shared with any individual or organization without the participants consent.

The survey will take you less than 7mins to complete.

Here at NoStrings, we strongly encourage LGBT Nigerians who have experienced human rights violations to participate.

To participate, click HERE.

For more information relating to Love Planet International Foundation, visit:

Have something to share? Ready to tell your story? Contact us.


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