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  1. Derek Williams
    Derek Williams at |

    Of what possible benefit is it to the state to force a homosexual person who has no sexual or romantic feelings for the opposite sex, to marry a person of the opposite sex?

    And of what possible benefit is it to such a member of the opposite sex, who is heterosexual, to be married by a homosexual who doesn’t love them?

    State-forced marriage between two people with no feelings for each other is a violation of fundamental civil rights. I never heard of anything so inhumane, as imprisoning someone for not marrying whom they’re ordered to by the government. Nigeria should hang its head in shame. I do not understand why my country (UK) continues to invest in that country.

  2. Monsingor Henry jr
    Monsingor Henry jr at |

    This is handsome

  3. Chukwudi Nwaigbo
    Chukwudi Nwaigbo at |

    This is what we face in Nigeria, extortion, beatings, violence, arrest. I am totally tired of Nigeria. Please help me out of this homophobic country


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