Nigerian Lesbian Pamela Adie will speak at West African Regional Conference

Out and proud Nigerian lesbian and passionate human rights activist Pamela Adie, is set to speak about ‘the challenges to being open about one’s sexuality in Nigeria’ at the West African Regional Conference [WARC] scheduled to hold on Saturday September 1 at Conference Centre Hall, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Pamela Adie. Photo Credits: Twitter

Pamela Adie who is also a film maker and a photographer, is the executive director of Equality Hub, one of Nigeria’s leading sexuality advocacy organization in Nigeria.

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Adie who is one of this year’s Obama’s Foundation Leaders will also be speaking at this year’s Out & Equal Workplace Summit about addressing workplace policies for LGBT persons in Nigeria.

The summit will be held in the United States at the city of Seattle, Washinton State which will kick-start from the 1st to the 4th of October.

To learn more the conference, visit:

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