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Introducing: African Human Rights Media Network [AHRMN]

Human rights activists based in Nigeria have established the African Human Rights Media Network, which promotes awareness and respect for the rights of minorities, including sexual minorities, throughout the continent.

Logo for the African Human Rights Media Network

The network publishes and distributes news articles, features and commentaries about Africa that educate readers about the struggles of minorities, including LGBTI communities, for recognition of their human rights.

RightsAfrica.com is the central website for the network. Member organizations contribute articles and other media to RightsAfrica.com and receive a wealth of articles from RightsAfrica.com in return.

Founding members of the network are the Nigeria-based NoStringsNG website (NoStringsNG.com) and the U.S.-based Erasing 76 Crimes blog (76crimes.com).  Founding sponsor is the U.S.-based St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation (saintpaulsfoundation.org).

The network’s vision is a world where all people are treated with respect and dignity and are guaranteed all human rights, without discrimination, stigma, harassment or repression on the basis of the sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other status.

Until that day arrives, some members of the network have concluded that, for security’s sake, they must keep secret their membership in the network. Members can decide whether to withhold that information from the public and, when appropriate, even from other network members.

For more information, including information about joining this new initiative either as a member or as a sponsor, visit: https://humanrightsmedia.africa 

Have something to share? Ready to tell your story? Contact us.


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