“I have no problems with homosexuals”– Nigerian on-air personality says

A Nigerian On-Air Personality Nnamdi Nwabasili popularly known as N6 has made known his feelings about homosexuality saying that he does not have a problem with gay people living their authentic lives.

Nnamdi Nwabasili AKA N6

The young indigenous rapper and a popular voice at Cool Fm Lagos state talked about his Nigerian gay business partner and the experience he had working with him. He said this on the new episode of Hot Topics with Latasha Ngwube while reacting to the unfortunate regarding the arrest of the 42-suspected homosexual men that were recently arraigned in court by the Lagos state government.

Read his comments below;

“I have no problems with Homosexuals. An openly homosexual business partner here paid one of the biggest and most successful money I have made in my life to me in Nigeria. I have no problem with them but this is the law of the land. You have to be much smarter. You can’t just come and say I am gay and that law is a wrong law because you are still arrestable by the laws of the land. When I saw that story, I first had a problem with the Lagos state police.

When I now heard that there were 12 minors involved, I said this is a child-s*x p****graphy ring and something deeper is happening here and on that account, they should all be arrested, there should be an investigation done to find out if the kids were really defiled and when they have found this out, they should properly rehabilitate those children. Something out of the ordinary is going on. But apart from that, what two grown men decide to do with themselves in their private place or corner that is entirely up to them but the law of the land still states this is illegal”.

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    Lee O 5 years

    There are many laws of the land that go contrary to what is right. Slavery was law of the land at one time, so was that law the right thing to do or have ? These laws that discriminate, cause pain, or even death to people who don’t understand or know, should be abolished, as it violates one’s right to privacy and consent to two adults that doesn’t do anything to harm anyone. Love is love and that should be celebrated, not made into a crime.

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