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  1. Kingsley
    Kingsley at |

    I think the book is not just about gay, it is somehow highlighting different sexual orientations in Lagos city as it is today. Though it is quite erotica, and can even make a weak priest or nun denounce his or her oath of celibacy

  2. Jon O'Connor
    Jon O'Connor at |

    Good grief! Author of this book is dirty and gory. Who writes like this? He’s worse than DJ Trump. I just finished Sex And Lagos City, and may read book 2. Maybe. Just maybe. Maybe I will. And he calls it literary work of art. SORRY MR SEX & LAGOS CITY, this is pornographic work of art. And I researched him. TOO INNOCENT TO WRITE THIS. He looks like a lamb but the devil is in him. Please, NSN, correct it to pornographic work of art.

  3. Otunba
    Otunba at |

    I’ve listened to this podcast and read the bk. Mr Success (name is feminine for a masculine voice) must hshe done the following while writing this, according to him, LITERARY WORK OF ART:

    1. Smoked pot
    2. R***d his wifey
    3. Guzzled gallons of sky water
    4. Enrolled to an orgy class

    He didn’t just write. He painted pictures and right now, I’m confused on the subject of whether he’s a writer or painter. Yes, I’m confused about the subject.

  4. Matthew Rostova
    Matthew Rostova at |

    Nice book. Well-penned. Greatly written. I feel like I saw a movie. Great words too.

    Bolshoe spasibo!!!


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