Hausa local actor, Adam A Zango swears Quran to prove he is not gay

Hausa-Actor-Adam-Zango-Swears-With-Quran-On-Live-TV-To-Deny-Being-A-Gay-Photos-1Adam A. Zango, a local movie actor in Kano, was seen on a live TV show, swearing with the Quran that he is not a homosexual.

Prior to the actor’s appearance on the TV show, rumors have been circulating that actors within the industry are homosexuals, and in a bid to come ‘clean’ he decided to swear, using his sacred religious book – the Quran, to prove that he is a heterosexual man.

He said: “I am here to tell the whole world that I am not gay and I do not participate in any gay activities within and outside the Kannywood industry”

But after his ‘coming clean’ stunt, it appeared that some of his fans were not happy with the tactics he applied, particularly with using the holy book to swear.

The actor showed neither regrets nor remorse; instead, he decided to post a ranting message on his Facebook wall, justifying his actions.

It reads:

“I know that some of my fans are not happy about what I did with the holy Quran swearing. But I had to. Because when people are pointing accusing fingers at you, calling you all sorts of names….Why not prove the doubting Thomas wrong?..Prove yourself, clear your conscience. That is why I did it. Explanation gap can cause so many misunderstanding. Therefore if you are one among my fans, you will have to endure it. Because I’ll keep on proving myself to the end. I love you all”.


His actions does not prove anything, instead it further puts him under ‘the eyes’. His actions are totally unnecessary as there are lots of people even in high and respected religious positions in Nigeria who are homosexuals, and have come to know and accept their sexual orientation.

If Mr. Adam A. Zango is gay, then, it could be suggested that he embraces his true nature, as only then will he experience the inner peace that he seems to be seeking for.

Homosexuality is not a sin, neither is it bad or wrong to be gay. Homosexual men and women are not unhappy with their lives because they are gay; rather what they wish for is a society that will understand, hear and respect them.

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We consider the actor’s actions and attitude expressed, as homophobic. Actions like these are what drives most gay men and women to become suicidal, or depressed. So it is therefore to be condemned

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    Hafiz Bawa 6 years

    It is sad that this well loved Hausa Movie actor will act in such a Homophobic way. Its understandable that he is totally trying to save his name and career but how many more important Nigerians are Gay and not destroyed by that fact? Ignorance, Religious bigotry and fear are truelly bad.

  • comment-avatar
    wondabuoy 6 years

    Funny. Silence would have been his best bet. If there are rumors of him being gay, then he might be. Rumors are ‘uncomfirmed or unverified truths’.

  • comment-avatar
    AMED 5 years

    Adam a zango is not a gay i support him

  • comment-avatar
    thomas 5 years


  • comment-avatar

    I totally agreed with him he is not gay

    • comment-avatar
      Master Adrian 4 years

      How do you know he’s not? Been there when he rapes a girl?

  • comment-avatar
    Master Adrian 4 years

    If he had balls he would have used the Koran to swear that he IS an homosexual, and that would have made Allah proud! Now he’s nothing more then a shitass and a coward! But then, what does a failure do when he wants attention? Do something stupid and something that is moronic, and attracts attention!

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