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  1. Hafiz Bawa
    Hafiz Bawa at |

    It is sad that this well loved Hausa Movie actor will act in such a Homophobic way. Its understandable that he is totally trying to save his name and career but how many more important Nigerians are Gay and not destroyed by that fact? Ignorance, Religious bigotry and fear are truelly bad.

  2. wondabuoy
    wondabuoy at |

    Funny. Silence would have been his best bet. If there are rumors of him being gay, then he might be. Rumors are ‘uncomfirmed or unverified truths’.

  3. AMED
    AMED at |

    Adam a zango is not a gay i support him

  4. thomas
    thomas at |


    ALIYU LAWAL at |

    I totally agreed with him he is not gay

    1. Master Adrian
      Master Adrian at |

      How do you know he’s not? Been there when he rapes a girl?

  6. Master Adrian
    Master Adrian at |

    If he had balls he would have used the Koran to swear that he IS an homosexual, and that would have made Allah proud! Now he’s nothing more then a shitass and a coward! But then, what does a failure do when he wants attention? Do something stupid and something that is moronic, and attracts attention!


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