Kenny Brandmuse urges Fela Durotoye to recognise gay rights

Out and proud Nigerian LGBT rights activists and brand expert Kenny Brandmuse, has written an open letter to 2019 Nigerian presidential aspirant Fela Durotoye, urging him to recognize gay rights as human rights.

Kenny Brandmuse says gay rights are human rights.

Kenny Brandmuse

Many Nigerians do not accept that gay rights are human rights, and Fela Durotoye is one of them. So in a bid to make this clear to him, Kenny Brandmuse has written an open letter to him, stating his disappointments concerning comments he made while on an interview with Falz and Laila On The Couch Naija.

Brandmuse urged him to recognize diversity and take a stand against homophobia.


Watch the video below.


Read the open letter below.

Fela Durotoye 

Dear Fela Durotoye , a Nigerian presidential candidate,

I just watched your interview where you say gay folks must abide by the law that will imprison them for 14 years. How can I ‘unhear’ this! I’m gay and proudly Nigerian. Like many gay women and men (some have left Nigeria fearing persecution ), I have contributed to the economy of Nigeria through my work across many industries and sectors. I have worked my heart out in major capacity building programs that have empowered thousands of youths and talents in our dear country. I have supported many communities and families as a son, a brother and as a neighbor. What exactly is my offense? That I happen to be who I am: a man who loves a man. How exactly does that make Nigeria less powerful or less prosperous?

Never forget that with over 250 languages and ethnic groups, Nigeria has lived with diversity for more than 2000 years. We live and breathe diversity. We celebrate differences not incriminate differences. Please, kindly note that my being does not have to conform to your religious beliefs in order for me to exist in your world. I am who I am. I have no apologies.

Do what is right by standing on the right side of history: say no to homophobia and recognize that gay rights are human rights. Period.

Like you, we all want to build a nation our children will be proud of. Where no one will be persecuted or discriminated against because of their race, religion, gender or sexual preference. Enough of this bigotry! Be rest assured that you can count on me and millions of gay Nigerians home and abroad who are incredibly talented to make Nigeria the great nation it’s meant to be.

Yours sincerely,

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