6 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself As A Feminine Gay Man

feminine man

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Feminine gay men in the society are usually scorned, abused, rejected and made to feel less human just because some people think that they bring shame or too much attention, or are bringing, or bring on a bad name to the LGBT community.

This kind of believes and behavior has caused a lot of damaging psychological issues for feminine gay men and has further lowered their self esteem.

No doubt, it is especially hard for effeminate gay men here in Nigeria where effeminacy screams homosexuality, leading to the pointing of fingers causing insecurity and shame.

People can be envious of feminine gay men, because they stand strong, loud and proud, in a world that has historically, and continues to, try to silence people with unique sexual orientation.

People see this shamelessness and bravery in effeminate gay men, and instead of learning from this power they attempt to soak it in ill-conceived theories about what our gender expression says about our morality, worth, and humanity.

This episode will teach you to recognize the power of feminity, understand homonormativity, heteronormativity and how it works, and above all, teach you to love yourself again.

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    Jide Anthony 6 years

    Wow i feel like crying… Because this touch my soul, someparts are very funny in a good way… And…. Thank you, thank you so much…

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    IIbby 4 years

    I like feminine guy mostly. It’s rare to meet one that feels right though.

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