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  1. Sam
    Sam at |

    Please explain to me why there is no law against homosexuality, but there is laws against carnal knowledge against what is nature ? Sexuality for nature comes in many forms, and some species do have same sex… And to say that homosexuality is foreign to Zambia show the ignorance, as there has always been, and always will be people who are homosexual, but knowing the punishment and laws against them, they still do what is necessary for them to be sexually satisfied, but they keep it underground. Study science thought history and see what is known today about people who are attracted to the same sex. And if Christians, who are suppose to be Christ like, will follow the teachings of the master of Christianity, Jesus, then you will judge not that you not be judge accordingly and more harshly. If Christians believe parts, they must believe all, and not pick and chose what they think…

  2. Pankar
    Pankar at |

    These people’s zeal though..


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