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  1. JJ
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    While the force of homophobic laws there make this a loaded topic, I’m afraid that this ‘activist’ may be missing an important point about natural development of sexuality. 1) There are genuine bisexuals that can be with partners of either sex, and be quite comfortable doing so. Erasing bisexuals is an all-too-common omission, only recognizing a ‘binary’ of either being hetero or homo-sexual, rather than sexuality as a continuum (a la Kinsey.) 2) Plenty of men and women realize they’ve succumbed to family or societal pressures to please others by marrying, and then realize later their sexual identity. It doesn’t mean it is any less painful to break up a marriage, moreso when children are involved, but it doesn’t mean that the male intentionally lied or misled the female. There is certainly truth to the charge that some partners do lie and deny their own true sexual identity, and it ruins relationships and is painful for both partners when the truth comes out. But…seems to me the lesson here, is that honesty about sexuality is the better policy–whether in intimate relationships, or the law of a country!

    1. Soulz
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      On point! Well illustrated

  2. Asukwo
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    I am gay carry born is not just. Play love with women is not working in my site, I don’t know why. I say eleven years without meet women and man,


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