Whatsapp Mobile Application Now Recognizes Same Gender Love!

whatsapp mobile application recognises

The recently upgraded version of the Whatsapp mobile application now comes with different new emoticons showing a classic representation of same-gender loving expressions and an actual same gender family.

This simply means that users now have the option of choosing and sending an emoticon that truly represents who they are. Whether or not one would want to agree, this proves that slowly, acceptance and recognition of same gender love is gradually and widely gaining grounds.

In truth, the recognition of same gender love across the globe has been a very huge and controversial issue for many. Many has honestly seen and has come to embrace the fact that homosexuality has indeed come to stay, and really does no harm to anyone. While others have given their total support to people who find love in the arms of whomever, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender.

A big thank you will now go to Whatsapp for taking this bold step in recognizing and supporting true equality, as in the end it means a lot to us all.

What do you have to stay about this development? Please leave your comments in the comment section below.

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    Jamie 2.1 6 years

    Awesome move!!! I’m so gonna use those!

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    Delle 6 years

    Isn’t it funny how I never knew this until now?

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    pastor liz 6 years

    As long as they dont do pansexuality.

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    Thanks, Worked perfect.

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    emojies are great for chats in the WhatsApp..happy to see more of them. Thanks for sharing such great post.

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