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  1. Damjan
    Damjan at |

    Not shocking at all; homosexuality is natural and occurs naturally. It’s been scientifically proven to exist in 450 different animal species, including monkeys, gorillas, organgutans, wolves, bears, dolphins, even pigeons and swans. Here’s an entire documentary about homosexuality occurring in nature for anyone who might be interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYdcvRe7ox8

  2. Clifford Asare-Donkor
    Clifford Asare-Donkor at |

    Well to me I don’t discriminate the fact that someone is homosexual or Gay. I think it is the mind-set behavior and one’s choice of life. The book of (I Samuel and II Samuel) talks about David and Jonathan that they were best friends and beyond that,they loved each like that of a man loving a woman. It reads to the extent that they do things like married couples do,that’s a man and a woman do. So homosexuality is a way of life as well and people like that shouldn’t be stigmatized. They’re also part of human race.

  3. Abraham
    Abraham at |

    God is against it and whatever God is against kicks against His will. Science, research, etc are under the influence of the devil. Don’t forget, the devil is still ruling this world. Until God comes to take back what He created.

    1. Domingo Torres
      Domingo Torres at |

      There is, no point in bringing religion into this. So be it, if we are of the evil one as you say, than let’s just deal with humanity than. God is somewhere hiding while the world’s good people continue to struggle against hate, and the division of religion.

    2. Domingo A Torres
      Domingo A Torres at |

      I would not say that God is against it, as one does not really know the will of God. What you should say is the scripture written of men, thus claimed to be influenced by God say it is forbidden, and abomination or unnatural etc, which are word written to describe how God feels according to the scribes writing the literature. Jesus never mention these particular things, but only written His apostles in the New Testament. Ro 1:27 -1:32 KJV. However many of the accusations or prohibitions within these scriptures are not true of all gay people period.

  4. Domingo A Torres
    Domingo A Torres at |

    Considering the recent attacks to the Ugandan LGBT community by crony policemen and those who say that being gay is unnatural, well I guess from the perspective of procreation, it is undoubtedly unnatural.

    Nevertheless there is more to the functions of God’s creation in keeping its balance of uncontrolled growth of over population, where Biblical or religious dogmas denies these thing as oppose to the reality of life itself. Religion’s answer to all of this is to make gay men and woman, monks, celibate priest or nuns. Good idea, but not everyone has this calling.

    As we reflect upon the wilderness of nature and study their behavior patterns, we see that homosexuality is not a far fetch and it is not a man invented sin. It is as natural as nature is natural. It is the exception to the rule. In the animal Kingdom the Lion is the symbol of the King of the jungle and it is also used as symbolically as in phrase the Lion of Judah.

    The lion symbolizes greatness and powerful, but also gentleness in its playful and romantic courtship with its mate. It is the evil mind of a on looker that sees within another human being the reflection of his own mental configuration and thus subjugation another in judgment and condemnation unjustly. Yes David who slew Goliath and became King of Judea according to scripture did love Johnathan as a married love his wife.

    There is no doubt in reading those passages that its quite clear that they did have a sexual affair. The people of governments that make such laws to assault, batter and murder their own kind apart from the Ten Commandments of God are as the Biblical Pharaoh and Baal who murder their children and the children of others as their evil spirit commands them to do. End of story


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