Police Charges Six Suspected Homosexuals to Court In Edo State, Nigeria.

The six suspected homosexuals that were arrested by the police on the 9th of May 2016 in Edo State Nigeria have been charged to a magistrate court in Edo State, for engaging in homosexual activities.

This is a fulfilment of promise made by AIG Musa Daura of the Zone 5 Police Headquarters in Benin, who in his previous statement to the press, assured the public that the suspected homosexuals will be charged to court

According to reports gathered by NoStrings, the suspected persons have been granted bail by the magistrate, and an organization is taking care of the entire process.

Further investigations conducted by NoStrings revealed that there is a video implicating the young men, though details of this video have not yet been revealed to the public.

NoStrings reached out to one of the defense lawyers for the victims who confirmed this report in a telephone conversation, who said: “Yes the matter has been charged to a magistrate court in Edo state, and we are working tirelessly to make sure that the victims come out on bail since the magistrate has granted them bail. And oh yes, there is a video implicating them”

In Nigeria, there is a law prohibiting all forms of same-sex activities, and if found guilty, these men could face up to 14 years imprisonment.

We at NoStrings are deeply worried and concerned why there is even a law against love and why there should even be a law dictating how consenting adults should lovingly express how they genuinely feel about each other. Especially, as they do this in the comfort of their own privacy and between themselves. Homosexuality from the many studies conducted, and in all truth does no harm to anyone.

It is now gradually becoming clearer why this law needs to be looked into once more, as clearly we can begin to see that this goes beyond its title.

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