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  1. Anthony Ademiluyi
    Anthony Ademiluyi at |

    Such a sad tale of agony! The hate sucks!

  2. Timi Leonardo Facus
    Timi Leonardo Facus at |

    Seun I Love u for who u are and I would always do that…. kisses… I’m sorry I couldn’t help those days, well maybe because of my ignorance about your sexuality… U Rock!!!

  3. Martin
    Martin at |

    Indeed, there are millions out there looking for a time to be free like you

  4. Alex
    Alex at |

    So happy for you dear!

  5. nelson
    nelson at |

    so encouraging… the Lord is your strength.

  6. Chita
    Chita at |

    Wonderful” Seun you get heart o,, anyway that’s wot it takes,


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