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Nigerian Christian Pastor Lazarus Muoka says all homosexuals are sinners

Lazarus Muoka, a Nigerian pastor and founder of the christian church Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, on Sunday labeled all homosexuals as sinners.

Lazarus Muoka. Photo Credits:

The preacher who is among one of the many pastors milking money from gullible Nigerians made the statements while addressing a large crowd at an International Christian event which was tagged ‘From Sorrow to Joy”

At the event which took place at the Chosen Revival Ground, ljesha, Lagos, Muoka in a self righteous manner, condemned acts he considered to be immoral which included homosexuality.

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“Or maybe you are involved in homosexuality, lesbianism or into kidnapping, murder, ritual, amend your ways. The bible says there’s no peace in the Lord with the wicked.

He also condemned taking on jobs at hotels, masturbation, selling and drinking of alcohol, smoking, etc and as well urging the people who were in attendance to embrace the Christian religion.

 “Those who are experts in taking and giving bribes, or force money from people, that is sin. Or maybe you are involved in smuggling, smoking, alcoholic drinks, whether you are drinking it or selling to people or serving people, you must repent and not drink it, not sell it to people, not work in breweries and not work in any hotel where such things take place,” Muoka said.

The Christian event as usual, recorded a lot of unverified healing and miracles from strangers who claimed to have been completely healed from different illnesses, such as mental illness, deafness, body pains and paralysis amongst others.

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Nigeria remains one of the most religious countries in Africa, as an increasing number of Nigerians flood churches regularly seeking for validation.

Nigerians claim to be either Christian or Muslim, but in reality hypocritically many hold on to different strange religions and faith.

Many Christian scholars and expert bible critics have several times explained that the bible has been misinterpreted by religious leaders to suit their selfish interests.

The issue of homosexuality within the Christian domain has remained very controversial, while many have come to the conclusion that defining and living with one’s own truth is the best possible way to stay positive in life.  

Listen: YES! You Can Be an LGBTIQ Christian – Elizabeth Funke Obisanya

In truth, the issue of sexuality and how people should express themselves remains personal, and when dealing with sensitive issues as that mentioned, caution is advised, and peoples human rights should as well be taken into serious consideration so that we do not cross the line.

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  • comment-avatar
    andrew 6 years

    Yes, and it also says we all have sinned, so what is earth shattering about what he is saying. In reality, Christians are sinners and will be until they die, and if he thinks he is perfect, then he is sinning by telling his own lie, which is also a sin. No one is perfect in this world, and the only perfect one was crucified.

    Why not preach love, understanding, tolerance as the “Golden Rule of Love thy neighbor as they self” and leave the judging for someone more qualified. which is also written.

  • comment-avatar

    Exactly, love + understanding + tolerance.

  • comment-avatar
    Jude 6 years

    I pity you all.

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