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  1. Ify
    Ify at |

    I know I’m far away but how can I help? How can we create an avenue for the much-needed services for lesbians, etc?

    1. Benny
      Benny at |

      Hi Ify.. . Hit me up.. bennyjanes40@yahoo.com

  2. Femme all
    Femme all at |

    Cool…. so many of us still in the closet

    1. Amor
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  3. Martino
    Martino at |

    The fact remains that we have lesbians in our society and that is God’s design, so the sooner we begin to accept them the better for all of us. Human rights must be respected and everyone has a right to express his or her sexuality as long as the act hurts no one. that is the basis of fundamental human rights.
    I am proud of you my dear. Keep it up.
    I await other community members to start speaking up . from the Gay community.
    reach your brother on martinchiaha@gmail.com

  4. Martino
    Martino at |

    Everyday you hear Nigerians rain insult on lesbians and gays but fail to understand that these are our brothers and sisters who are created in the same image and likeness of God. No one chooses his or her sexuality. Therefore we should show love to everyone irrespective of their sexual orientation or their gender identity.
    Fellow Nigerians, let us be tolerant and focus more on how to build our nation and not looking at peoples sexual orientation.
    This is one of the reasons our country has remained backward-we are do not show love to one another and we hate our fellow humans for no reason. Tell what a gay man did to you, or what a lesbian woman has don to you. Why then are we so rooted in ignorance.
    take a look at the western countries. There is no single country in Europe that criminalizes homosexuality. And do you see how developed they are? Africans who who criminalize it has remained impoverished since ages. We criticize Americans for allowing homosexuality yet when you go American Embassy in Nigeria you will see ques of people applying for American Visa. My question is “to do what?” African live a life of double standard. Our law makers have criminalized homosexuality in Nigeria, yet they send their children to America where it is legalized. Some Nigerians refer to America as Sodom and Gomorrah yet that’s where they send their children to study. What a life.
    Change your attitude towards Homosexuality, it could could be your brother, your sister or even your child.

    1. Otunuga Adegboyega
      Otunuga Adegboyega at |

      thanks a lot, Martino, for ur wonderful contributions….the very day majority of Nigerians begin to love their harmless neighbours (gays, lesbians, transgender, bisexual, intersex,et al) things will begin to look up. in this country& in Africa by extension…love can neva e wrong&ut atters not who are inn loove

  5. Dammy
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  6. Rush
    Rush at |

    More grace dear..I am queer and always proud to be one.

  7. Tournel Henry
    Tournel Henry at |

    Though I’m not homosexual or bisexual, I don’t see why homosexuals should be maltreated. They’re humans and some of them are possibly genetic. Most are due to social disorders and can be treated, not punished. It’s just like punishing a child to stop bedwetting when he/she doesn’t even want to bedwet. It’l have no positive effect. LGBT’s should be treated equally!!

  8. ucancurehiv
    ucancurehiv at |

    Corrective rape?! ou i wanna be a lesbian….08131500059


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