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  1. Tom Malanga
    Tom Malanga at |

    I saw both films in NYC in January. Both are powerful in their own way. As an American, I preferred Veil of Silence, which felt a bit more hopeful to me.

    The films were presented and then followed by a discussion with a panel of Nigerian/LGBT activists and scholars.

    While there were some insightful comments, I felt that the panel failed to address the impact that social media will have on the future of the LGBT community in Nigeria. Change must come from within Nigeria, which is why media like NoStrings is so important.

    In addition, the panel and event organizers lost golden opportunity to harness the power of those in attendance. Audience members braved torrential downpours to attend the event that night. I arrived totally drenched. These dedicated attendees are the people known as “the choir” when people refer to “preaching to the choir” and one speaker even called us that.

    But rather than facilitate an action plan to organize these “choir” people in some meaningful way, we left the auditorium with nothing more than our thoughts.

    There were people in that audience with vast experience in political organizing, media, and fundraising. But we left with no plan for political organizing. No media campaign. No plan for fundraising. Such a wasted opportunity!

    LGBT Nigerians deserve better from these so-called leaders. Remember: you’re only a leader if you have followers.

  2. George McKnight
    George McKnight at |

    Tom’s comment is extremely important and valid.
    Harness the power of the attendees!


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