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  1. Shedrack Rufus
    Shedrack Rufus at |

    Am a poor Nigerian gay man who hv been homeless since last year still now,, bcoz my family found out that am a gay,, I need to save country were I can meet my fellow LGBT people

  2. Aniogo Callistus
    Aniogo Callistus at |

    Dan keep it up. Callistus here

  3. Sikelela
    Sikelela at |

    Shedrack please my brother no 1 is poor, God loves you unconditionally its just that in life we all differ by Different backgrounds and dont feel bad that you Gay. Am very proud of you that you openly Gay, same as me its my 5year now on my marriage and 12 we together me and my husband. Through Christ everything is possible wait until ur prayers are answered by God. Dont give up please hang in there.

  4. Tobi
    Tobi at |

    Thanks for this platform I do really appreciate it,being a gay in Nigeria is really hell,I’ve gone through a lot as a gay i live a lie,cus it’s a crime to be gay.Am thinking of relocating to where I can live my life and be happy.

  5. Athelstan
    Athelstan at |

    Hmmm brothers it’s been hell in my family I was kicked out of the house because I greeted a gay guy in my street, have been roaming and sleeping under the fly overs since then.


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