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    I left the comment below on their website, but it has so far no been published:

    The whole country needs to be educated on homosexuality.  This is not a mere “behaviour” engaged in by “sinful” heterosexuals, but it is the way certain people are born.  No-one in their right mind would choose to be homosexual, yet that is the way 5-10% of the human population discover themselves to be at adolescence.  Bashing them and killing them does not turn them on to the opposite sex.  Why would it?  Your feeling for another human being comes from inside you.

    What harm can two men in love with each other do to anyone else?  It is their private affair.  Passing laws against them does not make them desire females.  A homosexual man has no sexual desire for the body of a woman, no matter how beautiful, nor does he have any romantic attraction to her personality.  It is simply not there.  AND it WON’T appear.  No matter how much you bash him, or otherwise destroy his life, he remains gay.  He may TELL you he is heterosexual, to escape violence, but inside, he hasn’t changed.  It’s like being left handed.  You can try to write with your right hand, but end up with a speech impediment if you try to re-orient yourself.

    Let LGBT people live their lives openly. We are no threat to you.  Look at 26 countries where there is same sex marriage, and you will see nothing bad happened to those countries.  Then look at the 100 other countries where gay people are not subjected to the criminal code for being in a relationship, and again, the sky didn’t fall in.

    Please take a moment to read this article from the American Psychological Association, which with over 76,000 members is the largest such professional organisation in the world.


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